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Munich-BnMMWZAIIAAXY7USince the start of the tour Vicar St has sat on the horizon waving at us, and we’ve been looking forward to it as we tweaked and worked out the songs from Night Becomes Light – i dunno why Dublin gigs are so heightened for us, i suppose because they’re hometown gigs, but as the days get closer the mild nerves and excitement start to rise until the moment that “Ready to Start” by Arcade Fire begins, and we’re standing beside the stage, warming up our fingers…

If there are still tickets left, you need to > click here < now!

B4GY5qjIcAAOYlSAs well as the gigs, we’ve been around the country talking to radio and TV folk and this week has been no different, and as we get closer to Christmas we’ve been doing some festive songs on the radio! Check out our version of Winter Song on Nova… or All i want for Christmas is you on 2FM for their Radiothon… (thanks to Marty & Rick!)

B4bs_9bIMAA-tL_The Big bonus this year is that we’ve been invited to Other Voices in Dingle – we can’t overstate how exciting this festival is for us, we’ve been before and cannot wait to play again. The line-up, as ever, is amazing. (Plus the added joy of meeting Peter “littlefinger” Baelish…) We’re playing two gigs in Dingle – one at the Music Trail on Saturday night, and then in St James Church!

Needless to say, the year is gonna end on a highlight!


Finally, end of year lists are starting to be made and we’re lucky enough to be mentioned in a few, you can vote here if you like: > Irish Times Ticket Awards < and  >The Last Mixed Tape Awards<. If you like, of course.

Hopefully See you soon, we’re off to warm up our fingers some more…


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The Night Becomes Light Tour has been amazing over the past month – Sold Out gigs, brilliant new venues and lots of new faces hearing lots of new songs! From Cork to Mullingar and from Waterford to Limerick every gig was great for tons of different reasons, and we tweaked and changed the new songs as we went, making tiny improvements along the way. It was a pleasure to play with The Academic, Jape, Villagers, Gavin James & Hudson Taylor as we went around the country, joining up with the Meteor Choice Music Prize tour and MTV Crashes Cork along the way!


Thanks to everyone who came and made it one to remember!

The final gig of the tour is Friday December 12th in Vicar St- tickets are nearly all gone – and as we head to the amazing Other Voices the next day for the weekend we’re not going to do another! :)

Get your tickets now: CLICK HERE


We’ve been bowled over by the reaction to the record; thank you! If you haven’t got it already, CLICK HERE.

We’re looking forward to announcing some new dates very soon, both at home and abroad! In the meantime, keep an eye out for us over Christmas on tv, radio and in person…. See you in Vicar Street!


+ Ross, Ro, & Nial